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Valentine ~ OHSHC x Reader
„Who needs Valentine’s Day anyway?! I certainly don’t! “
The End.
Nah, I’m just screwing with you~
“Why did she just slam the door anyways?”
“Why is there even a door she can slam like that?”
“What did she shout before storming out like an elephant?”
“Shhhhh, she might hear you!”
“Nah seriously, I didn’t understand what she screamed as well.”
“Since when are you able to form sentences like that anyway?!”
“Do you know what’s in that room she entered?”
“No? Is there something wrong with that room?”
“Well….let me put it like that. You remember what she said last year, right?”
“She got so annoyed by this holiday that she t
:iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 5 20
Long Overdue ~ Kuroo x Reader
The flat was completely dark.
Kuroo had been worried when his girlfriend hadn’t been seen in college at all this week.  When the reassuring texts she sent, to each of his inquiries about her state, had stopped, he had reached the end of his respect of her apparent want to isolate herself.
He’d just arrived at her apartment complex and was standing in front of her door, shaking the rain off of his umbrella.
His restlessness only grew when she failed to respond to the bell and his desperate knocks.
After waiting and contemplating for a few minutes, he retrieved the spare key that (Y/n) told him about and entered the apartment.
After closing the door he observed his surroundings. It was completely silent, the only audible sound being his breath and the distant patter of the rain. Nothing had been visibly disturbed, every object being in its usual place.
The blackette remained at the door for a few seconds, before taking off his shoes and calling out to the owner of the pl
:iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 31 2
Chapter 2 ~Kazuma x Reader
The couple was still a few meters short of the hotel entrance. They had been conversing with each other the whole way, their conversation consisting mostly of jabs at the other person, mutual jokes and a few lighthearted reminiscences of the past. Both Kazuma and (Y/n) avoided talking about anything serious. They both just met again, the heavy stuff should be discussed later. Both persons still knew what the other thought, even if they had been separated for a few months.
The evening was going to be a relaxing catching up over a bottle of wine at Kazuma’s room.
At least, that was what the night was supposed to be.
As soon as they reached the steps leading up to the hotel’s entrance Kazuma turned serious and moved in front of (Y/n). Understanding that there was a form of danger that she couldn’t sense yet the woman silently grasped Kazuma’s jacket and hid behind his broad back.
The brown-haired man was on alert. The presence he felt could only mean one thing.
:iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 1 0
Chapter 1 ~ Kazuma x Reader
Kazuma was laughing. He finally managed to beat his old man, the person who weighed on him the most concerning the Kannagi family. The burden was gone; he ripped of the shackles that restricted him from the past. Well, at least it was one of the major ones.
Tsui-Ling still plagued his mind from time to time. She welcomed him so warmly; she gave him a home and became a part of his new family. She was very dear to him, and his inability to prevent her death still burdened him enough to momentarily stop rejoicing over his victory.
His first milestone was passed so quickly, what should be his next step? He had figured it would’ve taken a lot longer to be able to fight with his father, and so he didn’t really concern himself with the next step.
“Are you finished celebrating and contemplating your life from now on, Feng?”
The brunette jumped up and looked around to locate the voice.
‘That nickname...’
He finally turned around to see a petite figure walk ou
:iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 2 0
Kazuma x Reader ~Prologue
The soft tinkle of bells filled the fresh air the night brought. A full moon adorned the dark sky masking the light of the nearby stars, its silvery light just barely reaching the city below, filled with the artificial radiance of the lamps in the streets and stores.
Ayano was rushing down the street, trying to reach the compound before her father found out about her being late. Again. Last time he noticed she was grounded for a week, and she did not want to go through that hell again. She involuntarily shuddered at the thought and increased her speed even more, sporting an angry expression and yelling to motivate herself. “NO. WAY. IN. HELL! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” She never spared a thought for the passerby’s who stared and escaped after they spotted her.
In another part of the bustling city center a certain wind user strolled down a lane with a pretty woman hanging off his arm. He didn’t say much, letting the woman do the talking and chuckling when it seemed a
:iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 6 0
Archer x Reader Drabble {Request}
A/N: WARNING! Reader-chan uses the unpolite word for behind a few times here. If you are against the use of that, please skip this drabble thingy. Thank you!
“Archer! Get your ass here right now!”
Archer shivered and tried to silently make his way out of the living room at the enraged voice of his current master and girlfriend, the lovely lady called by the name of (y/n). He had to know better though; no one could outrun an enraged female. Not even his buddy Assassin had accomplished that yet. Before he had a chance to disappear he was already grabbed by his ear and dragged into the kitchen.
“You bastard! How dare you! And you can’t even own up to your mistakes, trying to disappear on me. And you call yourself a man?! Damn you, how could you?! Do you know how hurt I am right now?”
Archer was slightly confused. What did he do? He couldn’t remember anything that might have gotten (y/n) as upset as she was. Then again, he and Lancer had been drin
:iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 5 5
Sleep ~Mikoto x Reader
The female had tried to suppress the yawn making its way to the surface, but her mind had other ideas. A chuckle resounded from the person on the other side of the bar.
“That was a big yawn (y/n). Are you that tired?” the blonde barkeeper questioned.
“You bet I am Izumo-san. I had a very long day” the female replied while wiping the small tears that had gathered at the corner of her eyes away. Kusanagi stopped cleaning his already sparkling glass to pat the (h/c) woman on the head a few times. He loved her like a sister, and to see her so tired and beat down from work brought out his brotherly instincts.
“Well then, why don’t you take a nap on the couch? You know you’re always welcome to stay the night if you want to.”
“Nah, I’m too tired and too annoyed to sleep. Could you maybe just make me a coffee? A strong one?”
Kusanagi frowned a bit at that request. (y/n) needed her sleep, even if she was annoye
:iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 19 8
Kylo Ren x Reader {Request}
Slash. Stab. Turn. Slash. Run.
The distant colony of the Resistance resembled a large bonfire more than it did a camp of refugees from the First Order. Nearly every house was on fire, those that weren’t would share the fate of their kin soon as well. People were screaming and running to the outer wall that was built around the encampment, not getting out because of the lack of the person with the key to the large gates that should protect the inhabitants from any threat by keeping it outside until help came. Now however, these gates were like the doors to a large prison, firmly locked and unbreakable.
A loud wail came from the center of the settlement, further starling the already terrified citizens. The fact that the noise was cut off abruptly didn’t help either. A deadly silence covered the burning village for a few moments. No one said a word; their gazes were tensely fixed in the assumed direction of the sudden event. In the midst of them stood a young man. His bo
:iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 14 5
The Yamino Family

Welcome to the Yamino Family!
The Yamino Family is the place where all of my OCs stay. It’s a large mafia clan in another dimension, a tiny one with only one planet. I call it the “main dimension”, because this is the base for all of the characters created in my imagination. From this place all the OCs are travelling to other universes to take their place in fanfictions, imagination plays or whatever there is. 
The main dimension rests in the middle of the One Piece universe, the LotR universe, the Kaichou wa Maid-sama universe, the Elsword universe and whatever fictional place there is.
The head of this organization is called Suzuka. She is my main OC and the foundation for any and all OCs I’ve ever created because she was the first one to exist.
Then we have Amaterasu, Suzuka’s best friend and companion. She’s the one I utilize second most, you’ll probably meet her really often once I get into writing
:iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 1 0
OC Profile - Suzuka

Yamino Suzuka
Age: unknown
Gender: female
Originally made for: a completely original story of mine that probably won’t make its debut on the
–silvery grey, occasionally golden, depends; slightly slinted, cat-like
–midnight black with tints of silver, long, reaches to mid-thigh
 -skin tone
–slightly tanned
–smaller than the average
-basic facts
–has a lithe, agile frame
                      -medium sized boobs
:iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 2 21
Wild Lake :iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 2 0 Lake Mirror :iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 1 0
The Day The Wind Blew Pt (1/2) ~Ace x Reader
After Ace started his journey as a pirate, he saw many islands and met many people. Some were his friends, and some his enemies. He went on many adventures and survived many battles. He experienced so much he could barely even remember everything. He had many good days in his life. But when someone asked what the best time in his life was, he just replied with a smile. He greatly treasured the time he spent with Luffy and Sabo, but there was a time that stood above even these memories.
The time he spent with her.
They met on an island that was popular for its special sake made from the blossoms of the special cherry trees which only grew on that specific island. The island was owned by a rich and greedy duke. This man only wanted money and used any means to get it. The island was appealing to outsiders and tourist so they would visit it, buy the sake and leave their money there, the islanders however suffered.
This duke had a daughter, born from a beautiful woman from the village. That
:iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 8 9
Glorious Farewell :iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 1 0 Forest Magic :iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 5 5 Akabane Kiyoko :iconsuzuka-sama:Suzuka-sama 2 0


Promises (Steven Stone x Reader)
The first promise he made to you was in a cave.
It was dark and cold, with nothing but the light from his Metagross to rely on. He seemed so out of place, wearing a fancy suit that somehow still looked clean. Even you had gotten a bit dirty from wandering everywhere just to deliver a stupid letter to a stupid person who stupidly decided to wander around in a stupid cave. Maybe you were also a bit tired and cranky.
He thanked you for bringing the letter to him, and asked you for your name. You told him, and he gave a polite "It's a pleasure to meet you" which you brushed off and asked if you could leave. Noticing your tired demeanor, he gave a simple chuckle and promised to meet you again, although you thought nothing of it at the time. All you really wanted at the moment was sleep.
The second promise he made to you was in Mossdeep City.
Coincidentally, or maybe not so much, you two had met up with each other, and you greeted him with, "Who are you again?"
He was much more patient than
:iconanemonesmile:anemonesmile 29 14
white sky 01 / steven stone x reader
Twelve hours and a half. Twelve hours and a half in a stuffy airplane, flying across the world. She made him choose Economy class, since they did have to save up for the grand wedding, and inviting all their new friends from Kalos over… If it weren’t for her, Steven didn’t think he would’ve survived this long.
But she was here, next to him. And that made it all worth it.
She was asleep on his shoulder right now, her chest rising and falling softly, her right hand locked in his. She was already gone ever since they settled in the plane, despite all her begging to have the window seat. Steven kissed above her brow; there would be years full of travel in the lifetime they have ahead of them, together. A lot of chances for her, and maybe him sometimes, to see the view.
The pilot’s voice crackled through the speakers, announcing our landing soon. Steven felt her stir next to him, and he turned to see her blinking the sleep out of her eyes, covering her mouth as
:iconpolydeuce:polydeuce 11 14
teaside 01 / steven stone x reader
You live on Route 114, and you work on Route 114. It would have been an endless cycle of getting up, pouring cold tea and serving stale cakes, if not added a dash of those hours in the afternoon, where you leave for a single class.
That was your life. It was destined to be it, until you finish your education and move out. But that’s too far away. Until then, you’re stuck living in the cramped loft above your mother’s café, serving shifts for her as the rent for the spare sleeping space.
Usually, the café would serve three customers at once, at most five. There were tables at least four apart always empty. It, the café, was very spacious. The windows covered the walls much like wallpaper or paint. It gave a flowery vive, like being in a greenhouse and in a pristine kitchen at sunrise. Maybe it would have been your favourite place in the world, had not your mother’s glare pierce through you every time you wanted a break from cleaning dishes, sweepin
:iconpolydeuce:polydeuce 69 3
Rin And Archer :iconeneedition:EneEdition 54 16 Rin and Archer :icontyan:tyan 23 2 Rin and Archer - Fate Stay Night: UBW :iconepicsuketsune:EpicSuketsune 19 1 Rin and Archer :iconlake90:Lake90 13 2 Emiya a.k.a Archer and Rin :iconmarlkc:marlkc 81 8 Commission: Archer and Rin (More Than You Know) :iconarisa777o-w-o:ARISA777o-w-o 60 7 Commission:Archer and Rin (Shocking Truth) :iconarisa777o-w-o:ARISA777o-w-o 44 17 Arrow :iconmoryapanima:MoryaPanima 189 14 Fate Stay Night UBW Wallpaper :iconseventhtale:SeventhTale 159 7 Fate/staynight :iconkagalin:kagalin 586 19 Unlimited Blade Works :iconkahookashii:KahoOkashii 721 31 Tohsaka Rin :iconkahookashii:KahoOkashii 929 28 Archer and Rin :icondragonladyslair:DragonladysLair 117 3



Suzuka-sama's Profile Picture
Hello everybody~
The name's Suzuka, but you're welcome to call me any nickname you like.^^

I just entered university and have to deal with some semi-major shit in my life right now so you probably won't see or hear much of me, but I'll try to be present from time to time~

I'm an anime and fanfiction addict, so if you see any good ones let me know~ In return, I'll share my knowledge with you. ;)
K-Pop is my new addiction, so hit me with your best shot! xD


Are there any Fate/Stay Night fans here?
I need to discuss my very serious obsession about Rin and Archer (which is the reason I've been basically dead recently). Everything about them is so perf, and it physically hurts that they aren't really canon and never even got to stay together oAo
Hello peoplez~

To the One Piece lovers out there: 
I happen to be one of the judges in a One Piece OC Tournament, and I'd be very happy to see a few of you there!^^
You can find the details in this journal here: OP OC Tournament Signups

Thank you for your attention~ *bows*
That moment when you realize you've been a deviant for three years now and basically did nothing.
OTL OTL [ Luhan ] 
15 deviations
Hello peoplez~

To the One Piece lovers out there: 
I happen to be one of the judges in a One Piece OC Tournament, and I'd be very happy to see a few of you there!^^
You can find the details in this journal here: OP OC Tournament Signups

Thank you for your attention~ *bows*


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